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April 20, 2021

Our New Events for 2021

We've been sitting on it for several months, but at last, Sydney Gaymers is back at it again. New formats have been announced by Eves and John on the Facebook Page, and golly, they did not disappoint!

First off the ranks was the new partnership between Sydney Gaymers and Universal Hotels. Our first one, which was held on Monday the 19th of April, was a great way to welcome Gaymer events back. Join us at Universal on Mondays (except public holidays) for cheap drinks, video Gayming setups and tabletop fun. Click the image to go to Universal's page.

Next, we announced two tabletop RPG event formats: Preparing to Slay and DnD Lounge. For those of you who have never played tabletop RPGs before and want a place to start, these are great events to get involved in. Preparing to Slay is a free virtual event which goes into the process of making a living and breathing character, whereas DnD Lounge is an evolving format. DnD Lounge will be held at Polo Lounge in Oxford St. The first event will be to get you all started on finalising your "character sheet", and an opportunity to test out the waters with your build. As this format develops, we'll add in more sessions focused on playing one-shots, how to start DM-ing, and group match making! The first Preparing to Slay is on April 28, and DnD Lounge will be held on May the 7th.

Click below for links to the ticket sites.

Finally, we announced Gayme Show, an entertainment night where a series of challenges are levied against performers and the audience. Our first one is on Wednesday the 7th of July. We'll post more about it once we're a little closer to the date.

As for our mainstays, SideQuest and Pixel, stay tuned. They're coming back, better than ever -- we'll let you know once we're ready to announce.

Thanks all, happy Gayming!